Nutri-Score, what is it ?

Nutri-Score is a food label that translates the nutritional value of products into a clear, literate code. Each product is assigned a score based on a scientific algorithm. This formula takes into account the nutrients to avoid (energy value and amount of sugars, saturated fatty acids and salts) and to prefer (amount of fiber, protein, fruits, vegetables and nuts). You see in the blink of an eye the recommended products and those whose consumption is better limited.

How to use the Nutri-Score ?

The letter A on a green background indicates that a product has a good overall nutritional score. A product stamped E on a dark orange background is eaten or drunk rather moderately. Thanks to the Nutri-Score, you get transparent information about the products and really choose what you want to consume. In principle, all food products are awarded a Nutri-Score, even drinks and prepared meals. Except for alcohol, tea and coffee.

Why do we choose the Nutri-Score ?

Many consumers are putting more emphasis on responsible drinking. That's why we want to inform you gradually and as clearly as possible. By mentioning the Nutri-Score, we are taking the first step towards responsible consumption and you can opt for a balanced diet.