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William Saurin Le Cassoulet 840 gr


Cassoulet made with tasty smoked sausages and tender pieces of pork accompanied by white beans simmered in a smooth tomato sauce ... 840 gr.


William Saurin suggests making a course in the Southwest with a delicious cassoulet made with tasty smoked sausages, sausage and tender pieces of pork. All accompanied by white beans simmered in a smooth tomato sauce. Each box contains 840 gr.


Ingredient: Sauce: water, lard, tomato puree, wheat flour, salt, sugar, flavorings, precooked white beans (33%), cold meats and meat (22%): smoked sausages and sausage (pork, water, meat turkey, pork rind, lean pork head, wheat flour, pork fat, pea fibers, salt, soy protein, gelling agent: E407a, stabilizers: E450, E452, preservatives: E250, E316, milk proteins ), pork shoulder prepared in salting (water, salt, stabilizers: E451, E452, preservative: E250).

Allergens: wheat gluten, soy, milk.

Keep dry and away from heat and light. Close the packaging tightly after opening.


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