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Diknek Jean-Claude sauce 300 gr

The Jean-Claude is calm at first, and then you get a real kick in the mouth, with the HOTTEST Belgian Fritkot sauce ever made.

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Belgium is home to hundreds of Jean-Claudes (the first name) and thousands of Jean-Claudes (in spirit). The whole world knows this first name thanks to our Brussels wonder, who has had an incredible career in the film industry. This sauce is out of pure love for the contrast that can be found in a cute package, but in the end is ready to burst in full force. It's simple, we all love Jean-Claude, enough to make them a Jean-Claude sauce that's amazing! Diknek went overboard this time, but they shouldn't be challenged: when they heard people say that the Samuraï / Banzaï / Pili-Pili sauces from their sauce-making colleagues in Belgium were the hottest they had ever tasted, they took it a bit as a challenge. So here's the Jean-Claude: calm at first, and then suddenly out of nowhere you get a real kick in the mouth, with the HOTTEST Belgian Fritkot sauce ever made. Each jar contains 300 gr.


Ingredients: Water, spices, red curry paste, modified corn starch, tomato paste, salt, rapeseed oil, vinegar, acidity regulators (E270, E330), ginger, sugar, herbs, natural flavor (fish), caramel syrup, preservatives (E202, E211), rice starch, natural flavor, natural lemon flavor.

Store dry and away from heat and light. Close the packaging tightly after opening.

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